Four Tips for Hiring the Right Criminal Attorney Today by Jeremy Schulman

Jeremy Schulman
3 min readJul 18, 2022

At some point in your life, hiring an attorney would be necessary especially when battling some cases in court. Criminal cases come bearing the most punishments and that means you need a solid attorney that has specialized in the same besides you. There are lots of benefits as Jeremy Schulman explains that a professional criminal attorney would help you with but it always comes down to how alert you are during the hiring process. In this guide are a few tips that you can put to use when looking for a professional criminal attorney to hire for your court case.

Area of specialization

If you need a criminal attorney then you should go ahead to hire a criminal attorney and not a divorce attorney. Lawyers just like doctors make specializations in different fields of law including criminal, family and even civil law. You should have your attorney of choice prove their area of specialization with the needed documents to make you believe in them. Choosing the wrong lawyer is easily the simplest way a client can lose a case in court due to poor representation and lack of necessary skills.

Testimonials and ratings

All professionals should be judged by the quality of services that they give to their clients and criminal attorneys are not much different. You should make a point to visit their profiles and websites to determine whether or not they are suited for your task. High quality ratings speak highlyof the attorney and so do a number of positive reviews on their website. It is however very hard to trust an attorney who has numerous poor reviews on their sites due to lose cases and unsatisfied clients. Checking these details is also the easiest way one can eliminate scammers from the picture.


Have you paused to check the schedule of the lawyer you want to hire? It is unfortunate when clients end up hiring expert lawyers only to work with junior and inexperienced attorneys in their firm. It is definitely wrong to get into a contract with such a lawyer knowing they will not have time for you and that can affect the quality of the ruling. The lawyer should prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are available for your task and will do whatever it takes to help you emerge successful in your court case.

Affordability concerns

If you are to successfully go through with your court case, you need to afford a lawyer for the whole period your case will be ongoing. It goes without saying that this is not an easy task knowing how costly some lawyers may charge for their representation services. If you however do your own market research, you can find out how different criminal attorneys charge for their services. The research makes it easy to have an average fee in mind to work with for a lawyer that you can afford throughout the period when you need them.



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