Four Tips You Need for a Successful Scholarship Application Today by Jeremy Schulman

Jeremy Schulman
3 min readJul 25, 2022


To win your chance for a scholarship is not an easy task and deserves all the congratulations you can get. The best part about searching for and applying for scholarships is how easy they make your higher education to be. This is the reason why you should give it your all to ensure no blemish is found on your application. Since most students are too stressed during the application, they end up making amateur blunders they could have avoided. Discussed by Jeremy Schulman in the highlights below are some of the mistakes that you should watch out for during your scholarship application process.

Failure to market yourself

When filling in your scholarship application, take every chance to market yourself seriously. There are definitely numerous applicants to consider for scholarship positions and the selection panel will be intrigued to choose the one that best expressed themselves. Take the chance to make the panel feel like a part of you by telling a great personal story that should also be true about you. Researching about the philanthropists behind it is part of a few tricks to show how in-depth of a research you did. Go through your work after you are done to ensure there are no errors in your application that could alleviate your possibility of winning.

Ignoring scholarship workshops

Are you the type to ignore scholarship events in your school and within your home? When it comes to scholarship application, familiarity with the process can be a major boost and that is definitely taught during scholarship applications. Always attend any program or event that can help you get wind of how a proper scholarship application is done and the key areas your focus should be on. This is always an important step for limiting your probability of making any mistakes in your scholarship application.

Poor delivery on the essay

The essay part of the equation must always be considered with great caution. Almost all scholarship applications base their choice majorly on the quality of essay the candidates submit. You should therefore take some time to research and get all information you need for the essay answering ready. Once you are done, go through your work and also have another expert go through your work to eliminate any errors and grammar issues from your work. Your essay has to be perfect before submission if you want to have a better chance of being chosen for the scholarship.

Making a single application

No one is rubbing your efforts for scholarship search however settling for only one application is not going to cut it for you. You should begin your search for scholarships early in order to find enough time and scholarships to apply before their submission dates are due. The more scholarships you can afford to apply, the higher your chances of winning an opportunity. It is all about spreading the risk across a number of applications knowing you will not be a winner in all of them but just a few or none based on your luck and application



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