Jeremy Schulman: 5 Hobbies That Promote Better Health and Wellbeing

Jeremy Schulman
3 min readMay 26, 2022


One of the biggest factors that directly impact our health and wellbeing is our lifestyle. Following a certain lifestyle can either lead to a life free of any health problems or one plagued with different health risks. The lifestyle we choose to follow is influenced by many factors like the food we eat and our daily activities.

Our daily activities play a big role in how good our lifestyle would be. Entrepreneurs like Jeremy Schulman understands that importance of rest and keeping healthy. Picking up a hobby that is not only fun but also promotes health and wellbeing is a sure-fire way to be on your way to getting better health. Spending our precious free time this way allows our bodies to relax and refresh themselves from stress. Here are several hobbies that you can start doing to improve your health and wellbeing while also having fun.


Fishing is a hobby that might not be for everyone but is something that you should try out. The activity itself is very therapeutic as you can spend time by yourself for recollections or relaxation. You can also choose to share this activity with someone and can destress yourselves with the help of one another.

Fishing is also a rewarding activity as you can immediately see and feel the results of the activity with each catch you land. The sense of fulfillment you get from fishing is enough to give you the motivation and confidence boost you need to tackle any challenges that get thrown your way.

Art & Crafts

Many people always refer to art as a way to express themselves. The statement holds even up until today as art is a simple way to get your thoughts and feelings through when words aren’t enough. Messing around with arts and crafts provides creative stimulation while also being therapeutic for treating stress and anxiety.

Picking up this hobby is a perfect idea if you are looking for something to distract yourself from the pressure and stress of your daily life.


Writing is like arts and crafts as it helps you express yourself in healthy ways. Writing provides great mental stimulation which can help improve your mental health if you have been plagued with difficult thoughts. This hobby can be done in a myriad of ways as writing can come in multiple forms. The key to enjoying this hobby is finding something that fits your taste.


Any simple physical activity such as taking short walks and the like is a good way to keep your body healthy and active. Doing any of these activities is a good way to avoid sedentary lifestyles which can lead to numerous health risks. Consider spending 30 minutes of your day walking around and stretching your body through a short walk in the park or by doing simple yoga.


Similar to fishing, gardening as a hobby provides the same sense of relaxation you can get. Gardening is a perfect way to spend time by yourself while working towards a greater goal for the future. The hobby is a good way to keep yourself occupied and busy while also being relaxing and rewarding.



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