Misconceptions About Getting a Scholarship by Jeremy Schulman

Jeremy Schulman
3 min readSep 1, 2022


Who does not want to finish their education with minimal to even zero fees? By getting a scholarship grant, you can finish your school without the need of spending a lot.

Jeremy Wyeth Schulman was able to finish his law schooling and even graduated with magna cum laude, and all this paid off as he is now a successful and highly reputable commercial litigation lawyer.

Without hard work, without the perseverance of finishing your studies, finishing any course of your choice may not be as easy to achieve.

Moving on, if you are planning to get a scholarship grant, one of the things you need to make sure of is that you know everything about it before rushing to apply for one. Other than the things you need to know, you also need to make sure that common misconceptions about it are corrected to avoid disappointments and regrets.

Here are some common misconceptions about getting a scholarship you need to know:

“I am poor, so I should be qualified to get a scholarship”

Do not assume that because you are poor you can get a scholarship slot. This is not only for the poor but also to those who are intelligent and hard working. Your status in life will not decide whether or not you can get a grant or not, but for sure, there are many institutions out there that consider economic status, but definitely not the only one they look at.

You have to show that you are deserving of the slot by getting good grades. Your ticket to getting a scholarship is proving that you deserve to get a slot in all aspects.

“I just need to focus on my studies to maintain my scholarship”

Do not think that all you need to do is just to focus on your studies if you want to keep your scholarship, as there are more that you need to achieve to maintain your scholarship.

There are some institutions that also require their scholars to be socially visible. But needless to say, if you want to know what the institution requires, do not forget to ask for detailed information about it.

“The rules of the institution won’t change until I graduate”

The rules of the institution may change; hence, you have to make sure you are on top of it. Do not assume that their requirements and rules won’t change as it will. You need to revisit their website, call their office or visit their office to make sure that you know any changes on their policies.

As their scholar, it is your responsibility to know their regulations and abide to it, all the time.

“I do not need to think about money anymore”

Yes, you need to think about money, especially that not all scholarship grants cover everything. There are some scholarship grants that cover just the tuition fee and not the books, projects, transportation and lodging. To set your expectations, it is strongly recommended that you ask what the institution covers so you know how much you need to spare to finish your school.



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