Reasons to Have a Commercial Attorney for Your Business by Jeremy Schulman

The digital era has brought several youngsters into entrepreneurship. You may also wish to be a successful entrepreneur. You may start a new business or may think of expanding the family business. Whatever you do, you should focus on making all your business moves clean in terms of the law. Laws are not only for crimes. Business laws are there to regularize and control the activities of all businesses. If your activity breaches any of these laws, you may have to face legal consequences. Your productivity will get affected by such lawsuits. Some entrepreneurs are unaware of such laws, and some are ignoring such formalities. You should never be like that. It is highly recommended to partner with a commercial attorney like Jeremy Schulman. If you have doubts about the necessity of such a firm in the business, you can go through the following reasons.

Starting a business

Many people think that money alone can help them incorporate their businesses. However, there are some legal formalities to be followed to incorporate a proper business. Instead of researching yourself, you can hire a business lawyer to help you incorporate a proper company. You will also get time to focus only on the growth of your business regardless of the legal side.

Safety from lawsuits

A lawsuit can raise on any occasion. Your client may put a case against your business, or your partner may raise it. As you will be stressed in such a situation, you will not have enough time or mentality to hire a better lawyer. So, it is helpful if someone is on your side from the beginning. Whenever a lawsuit arises, the attorney will do his best to safeguard you and your business.

Reducing the consequences

Sometimes, lawsuits are inevitable. Your business may breach any law even while working with a professional attorney. However, such an attorney will help you in reducing the damages caused by that case. If you are about to lose 50% of something because of a lawsuit, you can try reducing it to 25% with the help of a commercial attorney.


You will be dealing with various groups like customers, partners, investors, and many more while running your business. Documentation is crucial for every such deal. Else, the opposite party can cheat you in various ways. Such a crucial document is known as a contract. As you and your opposite party may not beware of all legal formalities, you cannot draft a legal contract with all the necessities. Sometimes, the opposite party may cheat you with a contract. So, it is advisable to have a legal advisor with you whenever you make a contract.

Internal issues

Sometimes, your employees may have issues with your company. For instance, you may have to follow some legal formalities to fire your employees. So, having a knowledgeable business attorney will help as they will know how to handle the employees’ issues. They can also notify you about the legal necessities to maintain employees. You can create a chaos-less working environment with such an attorney.



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